Lyndsey and David – Wedding 31st March 2016

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I remember when David proposed to me and after all the giddiness of saying yes, my thoughts went to the dress. Oh god the dress what the hell was I going to do! I’m definitely not a girly girl and hate wearing skirts or dresses and being bigger it’s easier to hide in jeans and trainers. But I really needn’t have worried when I walked into your shop so nervous I was instantly put at ease by jo and her kindness. I was allowed to try on lots of dresses and wow you have lots. Really such beautiful dresses. Jo was so patient with me being so undecided. Her expertise being a seamstress was amazing and can honestly say if it hadn’t been for her and Lilly rose bridal well I’m not quite sure what I would have done. I’d heard such horror stories and scared myself silly I can honestly say I wish every bride to be was as lucky as I was, and have a Lilly rose bridal for their wedding. That day trying on wedding dresses was such a joyous and fun day full of laughs and a few happy tears for my mum, sister and myself that I was actually sad that it was over. I was so lucky that I found ‘the one’ that day, my dress was so beautiful plus my bolero and full length veil.¬† I loved putting it on and never wanted to take it off at my alterations, jo almost had to wrestle me out of it! When my day came around I couldn’t wait to put it on and was very lucky that Nicky came to Warwick house to help me get into it. I was so nervous but Nicky was so calm and kind and it really helped me. I felt so beautiful that day in that gorgeous dress everyone commented on how beautiful it was, I loved every second I wore it and cried when I had to take it off! Thankyou so much to all of you, you honestly helped make my wedding better and I’m very lucky to have found you. Keep up the fabulous work you do in making brides dreams come true. You are all my wedding dress fairy godmothers Thank you!

Our beautiful Lyndz

Lyndsey came into our beautiful shop in Kenilworth Warwickshire very nervous, she was so worried about being a plus size bride and finding something that would fit her.

Within 10 minutes the nerves had gone.

With over 50 different styles to chose from Lyndz found her dream dress.

A beautiful fairytale dress by Veromia with an added jacket by White Rose.

And what a beautiful fairytale bride she made.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Nicky and the girls xxx